The R023 controller was designed for use in pellet heating systems. It manages all function within these systems through an appropiate number of inputs and outputs.

Donwloadable software available for the circuit board allows configuration of all its operation functions.
The controller consists of an electronic circuit board made up of a series of connectors that allow the board to be connected to avrious devices, which principally include:

  • A Control Console, which comes in different versions and is highly customizable
  • Sensors (NTC temperature and Tpye J, E, K thermocouple etc.)
  • Auger gear-motors, with induction and synchronous construction
  • Induction motors
  • Auger or 24Vdc brushless motors
  • Resistance type ignition heaters

This device is manufactured to meet the following regulations:

  • EN 55011
  • EN 61000-3-2
  • High and low voltage alarms

Power supply

Supply voltage 230Vca ±%, 50/60 Hz
Max card consumption(excluding consoles and users) 50mA


External Thermostat NC Contact Note: only free contact
NTC sensor for water and air temperature NTC 10 kΩ 0-100 (°C)
Control terminal See section on DISPLAY
Encoder for rotation speed of smoke 1 pulse/turn 0-5 Vdc
Differential pressure transducer HUBA 401 0-5 Vdc 0-300Pa
General safety thermostat NC Contact 230 Vdcac
Serial connection (for use with adapter) Propietary to Micronova 0-5 Vdc
Type J smoke sensor Type J Thermocouple 30-350 (°C)
Type K smoke sensor Type K Thermocouple 30-1000 (°C)
Air flow meter Propietary to Micronova 0-5 Vdc
Water pressure transducer Ratiometric type 0-5 Vdc 0-4bar
Auger encoder 1 or more pulse/turn 0-5 Vdc
Auxiliary input 1 and 2 Digital/Analogue 0-5 Vdc
Inputs, High voltage AL1, AL2, AL3 Opto-isolated 0-230 Vac
Safety pressure switch NC Contact 230Vac


Smoke extractor (with phase control regulator) TRIAC 0-230 Vac *#
Air exchanger (with phase control regulator) TRIAC 0-230 Vac *#
Auger motor (with phase control reguolator) TRIAC 0-230 Vac *#
Ignition heater Relay contact 0-230 Vac #
Low consumption asynchronous pumps Relay contact 0-230 Vac #
Brushless auger Driver Int. 24Vdc
Auxiliary outputs 1 and 2 TRIAC 0-230 Vac *#

*The total current of the TRIAC user devices cannot exceed 2A combined. #The total current of all user devices cannot exceed 4A combined.

Mechanical and ambient specification

Dimension of the circuit board (LxWxH) (161x102x35)mm
Weight Approximately 190g
ABS container dimensions (189x110x70)mm
Degree of protection in the version with an ABS container IP 21
Operative ambient temperature From 0°C to +60°C
Added on: 18/02/2016