Micronova was founded in 1981 by Renzo Benetti, an electronics engineer. Since then the company has enjoyed constant growth, and today employs a total of 50 personnel in two branches located in the province of Padova. Micronova is at the centre of a highly integrated network of partner companies, bringing to 120 the number of people involved in the various phases of production. The entire supply chain, from conception through to production, is situated in the north-eastern part of Italy. Our products are therefore exclusively “Made In Italy”, a definite advantage in the market for personalised circuit boards. 80% of Micronova’s production is for Italian companies, and is carried out in the two facilities in Padova which together cover 7000 square metres, including the head office and warehouses. Over the years we have focused on reducing production times, investing in warehouses to make this possible, and our technicians have all the experience necessary to take on even last-minute orders from clients. Our warehouses, among the best in the country, are stocked with all of the components necessary for the production of personalised circuit boards, making it possible for us to drastically cut down the response time between the placement of an order and production. Twelve automatic assembly lines make it possible to change production processes in just a few minutes, resulting in excellent production flexibility.

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