Micronova custom elettronic boards, electronic automation systems

Since 1981 Micronova has been transferring innovation from design to production, facilitating the integration of automation and remote control. Our mission is to create intelligent and interactive objects for everyday use. We make personalised circuit boards and design solutions with a high degree of integration between the electronic and mechanical components, putting our hearts into each client’s project with the aim of finding effective, efficient and high-performance solutions.

Tele-assistance, remote control, and constant performance monitoring become possible thanks to our dynamic and original solutions, designed to follow the evolution of the products with which they interact.
For 35 years, Renzo Benetti’s team of electronic engineers has unfailingly continued to develop improved technological solutions based on our clients’ needs.


A symbiotic approach from the design phase

from the software component, all the way through to the electronics and finally the iteraction with the product hardware. With Micronova technology, innovation and production blend together in the final product, creating a product that responds to the client’s needs for interactivity, reliability and dynamic technology. Our design team looks at each project from the client’s perspective so as to progressively enhance the entire project, not only the electronic aspect, adding value and decreasing inefficiency at each step of the production process.


Exclusively “Made in Italy”

from the design stage all the way through to delivery. A strong network of four partner companies makes it possible for Micronova to guarantee product reliability, attention to the minimisation of operational costs, and an approach of coninuous product improvement, even after the initial design phase. Micronova and the network partner apply the Kaizen method at all the business levels to optimise performance, which includes the drastic reduction of manufacturing costs.


Production times

Using methods that promote planning and tend towards achieving zero response time between the placement of an order and production, at Micronova we are always able to satisfy our client’s requests, even last-minute, in the shortest possible time. The time to market (TTM) between an idea and production is greatly reduced, eliminating all costs that do not add value, so as to always give a rapid and reliable response. One of the keys to the success of Micronova is our ability to improve performance even in situations where time is limited.


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